iMetrik GPS Vehicle Monitoring: Securing Automobile Dealerships and Automobile Owners

Automobiles are not simply items for vehicle dealerships; they’re investments. Dealerships auto loans commonly remain to make revenue on purchased cars long after they’re sold, and also lease lorries remain to be essential economic investments as they are rented to different clients. Like any other sort of financial investment, it’s important that dealerships protect cars against burglary and also delinquent repayments. GPS lorry tracking gadgets offer auto dealers with an incredibly effective method of securing their lorry investments at an extremely low cost.

iMetrik is a new brand in GPS automobile monitoring technology which is quickly ending up being the GPS car tracking brand name chosen by a lot of auto dealerships. iMetrik’s GPS car tracking gadgets provide a number of state-of-the-art functions, including actual time, 24/7 locational monitoring.

The most common reasons automobile dealerships make use of iMetrik GPS automobile monitoring tools (as well as GPS automobile tracking systems as a whole) consist of:

Security Versus Vehicle Theft

Mounting GPS monitoring devices right into marketed cars is a method to ensure the brand-new owner security against auto theft. GENERAL PRACTITIONER monitoring tools document identify area in actual time, allowing the vehicle dealer to find the taken lorry and also notify the authorities to its whereabouts. GPS automobile tracking tools considerably increase the opportunities of recovering stolen automobiles, enabling better security of both the proprietor’s residential or commercial property and also the car dealership’s investment.

Security Versus Cars And Truck Settlement Misbehavior

Advising vehicle proprietors of their delinquent settlements by mail or call can be time consuming, costly and also, above all, ineffective. Recovering lorries which have passed their settlement moratorium can be a lot more costly, especially if the car’s owner has moved as well as left no forwarding address. GPS lorry tracking gadgets resolve the hassle of both payment pointers and also lorry recovery. iMetrik GPS car monitoring recovery units not only track specific automobile location in real time, however they likewise allow auto dealerships to notify automobile proprietors of delinquent repayments directly with the car itself. Vehicle dealers can set up notices to be sent to the owner through the car console, notifying the automobile owner to the seriousness of their scenario.

If owners remain to be delinquent on settlements, vehicle car dealerships can disable the vehicle via remote starter disturbance. When owners make the required payments, the car may resume usage.

iMetrik GPS Monitoring Gadget Features

Young car salesman selling to a customer with documents in hand

In addition to specialized recuperation system features for auto dealerships as well as lease lorries, iMetrik GPS car tracking units use a simple online interface. Automobile dealers can arrange automobiles into teams, search for automobiles by VIN or customer ID number and sight locational mapping in real time. iMetrik GPS auto devices are smaller sized than ordinary GENERAL PRACTITIONERS vehicle monitoring gadgets, enabling even more very discreet placement.